01legofan, (Born 2001) used to make Rap Battles, he made Steve vs Bob, Mario vs Sonic, Dad vs Son, and made MUGEN Videos, and Super Smash Flash videos, battle against, IceKingFan400, Jared S, and others in IceKingFan400 vs Jared S, he was portrayed by Anthony Perry, and voiced by Zack Maloney 


Why do I have to battle these assholes, can’t I have sushi?

I did a battle against my dad, you don’t wanna mess with me!

I made Sonic vs Mario, even though there were already like, fifteen!

While you guys were sitting on your ass, I got in MAC vs PC

IceKingFan, go back to your instagram, and post random crap

Jared S be hating, Zach; Masturbating, and NothingOnMyDick lacks...

...good lyrics, and flow with a crappy IMovie video

4411 is still sucking on Matthew, just to get in a battle though