Bart Baker vs Weird Al Yankovic02:36

Bart Baker vs Weird Al Yankovic. SuperThingsOnCups Rap Battles

Bart Baker vs Weird Al Yankovic.

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Battle Information
Release Date February 16, 2014
Number 2
Views 5,794
Length 2:35
Previous Bob Army vs Google Plus
Next TBA
Other Information
Actors Matthew Thomas
Zack Maloney
Rappers Bart Baker
Weird Al Yankovic
Rucka Rucka Ali
Cameos 10 year old kid
Alex Farnham
DJ Not Nice
Location(s) TBA
SuperThingsOnCups Rap Battles!
— Announcer
Bart Baker vs Weird Al Yankovic is the second installment of SuperThingsOnCups Rap Battles and the second episode of Season 1.


WoodenHornets as Bart Baker(Audio)

Zack Maloney as Bart Baker(Video)

Frenzy as Weird Al Yankovic

Matthew Thomas as Rucka Rucka Ali







Bart Baker:

I'm a california boy, you're just a white and nerdy fag

with your really long curly hair, it's bigger than your sack

I'm the king of song parodies, your shit is just scaring me

I make people actually laugh, you won't even beat me barely

I butcher every Boy Band and singer that reaches fame

You make G-rated shitty songs that are extremely lame

So, while I'm making money by parodying celebrity whores,

you're sitting in your room, making songs 'bout Star Wars

Weird Al:

Hi there, my buddies call me Weird Al

But I'm not weird at all, but I still got a big crowd

Why would I fight this asshole? He's obsessed with homeless men

The only people that are your fans are hypocritical kids that are ten

Once I kick your ass, it'll be a party in the CIA

Just face the fact that you and Alex are gay

Grandparents understand that you're a fuck tard!

The first verse is done, and you're not even ready to start!

Bart Baker:

Someone call a doctor, cause you're extremely butthurt

When I heard your music, I thought I was listening to dirt

No one can stop me, I'm baker to the bart

I can make a better parody when I make a fart

Weird Al:

You sound like a gay guy who stepped on a brittle

After I'm done with your mom, I will tell her a riddle

Yes, I know I'm Weird Al, and I know I am weird

But I'm better, but not you, cause you are fucking queer

Rucka Rucka Ali:

Welcome to Rucka's World, (RUCKA RUCKA ALI)

Get ready to feel the lyrical pain when I bring a fatality!

You guys are fucking unpopular while my shit is the shit

and you guys are fucking crying while I suck on your mom's tits

Because I got beats hotter than DJ Not Nice

When I beat you two failed abortions, you'll be needing a bag of ice

The world is my fame, I have everybody

You guys lost cause you don't know the definition of “parody”






File:KARAOKE Bart Baker vs Weird Al Yankovic. SuperThingsOnCups Rap Battles


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