iMovie vs. Windows Movie Maker is the eleventh installment of SuperThingsOnCups Rap Battles and the eleventh episode of Season 1.

Lyrics Edit

Windows Movie Maker:

It's the Movie Maker, making my way into this

Beating your ass Live, show you how awesome Windows is

I am the king of all editors, iMove out of the way!

The only thing you’re good for is slideshows, ha, what a shame

People actually use XP, so that means I'm the master of this battle

You jealous?! I got smoother effects that you can't handle

You’re so hard to use! I should rename you to iSuck!

Because you’ll just be known as another crappy Apple product


Welcome to my timeline Windows, why you gotta be slow?

Run along and make another crappy home video

Unlike you, I can be used on mobile devices

You crash all the time, and create nothing but crisis!

So run along, you got played, go ahead and cry

I'll export my win and keyframe your ass LIVE

I'm more known, nobody knows who you are, noob

You're only used for making 2007 Youtube Poops!

Sony Vegas:

I’m a Pro! Sony will take your ass to Vegas

Got way better effects than iMovie, no wonder you’re hated

I have Chroma Key, Lens Flare! You can’t beat me

You’re only used for making crappy trailer parodies! 

You’re used on mobile devices ‘cause iMacs are too expensive

I’ll Pinch/Punch your face, my rhymes are New Blue Effect-ive

You’ll need my Mirror to have you see how worthless you are, kid

The only thing you can keyframe is you walking out of this!

Final Cut Pro:

Time for a pro to enter! Final Cutting this waste of space!

Don’t try and outwit me, you two can barely keyframe! 

Your whole program is a crashing lag inducer

Which instead of helping just enrages all your PC users! 

Used by the average YouTuber? I’m used by the BBC!

You freak! Not even with “New Blue” plugins could you beat me

You couldn’t survive my verse, I think it’s you who needs help 

So take your outdated effects and uninstall yourself WHO WON?



Cast Edit

CeKeFe as iMovie

SuperThingsOnCups as Windows Movies Maker

Justin Buckner as Sony Vegas

WoodenHornets as Final Cut Pro

Trivia Edit

  • Fel (CeKeFe) was the first one to record and he thought everyone was going to have an accent.
  • Each character's background was from their program.

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iMovie vs. Windows Movie Maker
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Battle Information
Release Date August 19, 2015
Number 11
Views 7, 831
Length 2:23
Previous Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs Trevor, Michael, & Franklin
Next IceKingFan400 vs Jared S.: The Squeakquel
Other Information
Actors Matthew Thomas

CeKeFe Justin Buckner WoodenHornets

Rappers Windows Movie Maker

iMovie Sony Vegas Final Cut Pro

Cameos none
Location(s) Windows Movie Maker

iMovie Sony Vegas Final Cut Pro

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