Jinx battled IceKingFan400, Jared S., Mr.Maplesyrup, PrimevalDK, Michael, KennethH5, Zander Peers, ToonPrince, The Rolleplayers and XP9 Rap battles in IceKingFan400 vs Jared S: The Squeakquel . He was voiced by WoodenHornets and played by Mrbiggyful.

Information on the RapperEdit

Anthony Brady is a reaction YouTuber with over one million Subscribers. He was accused of buying subscriber bots. He had rudely reacted to WoodenHornets when he accidentally emailed his business email. He has caught the attention of YouTubers like Zack Maloney, WoodenHornets, Felix Hards, Matthew Thomas, Mr.Maplesyrup, Mat4yo, Miss4yo, Jacksfilms, Sam Henri, MickJamesSupaFreak, Pyrocynical, DramaAlert, iDubbbzTV, and I Hate Everything.


ain't gonna lie, that was ASS

While on the otherhand, ERB makes me lick myself more than a cat

I got a so-called professional rap in my intro, top that

But don't burn me too hard, I might fly-offscreen like a spaz

That beat doe, so I'll tally that up *licks*

Sorry guys, but none of you just have that UMMMMPTH

OKAY! You should know that all your battles are the worste


Comment at the end of the battle Edit

Woah! I wouldn't lick my fingers after hearing your battles!

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IceKingFan400 vs Jared S: The Squeakquel

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