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List of Rap Battles
Season 1 Bob Army vs Google PlusBart Baker vs Weird Al Yankovic.R.L Stine vs MrCreepypasta.Dong Nguyen vs Peter VesterbackaCole Phelps vs Dipper PinesIceKingFan400 vs Jared SÖtzi vs The Ice ClimbersJack Frost vs Arthur ClausEd, Edd and Eddy vs Trevor, Michael and FranklinIceKingFan400 vs Jared S: The SqueakqueliMovie vs Windows Movie MakerTBATBATBATBA
Season 2 TBA
List of Crew Members
Season 1 SuperThingsOnCupsRapsThroughTimeWoodenHornetsFrenzyZack MaloneyAnthony PerryMr.MaplesyrupWoodymrbiggyfulVincent OtakeFroggyKyle JB-Lo LorbesZander PeersKGBroniesHyperJacob96MaNCHADavid (Anthony's Friend)Nathan ProvostVideoGameRapBattles
Season 2 TBA
List of Characters
Season 1 Bob ArmyGoogle PlusWeird Al YankovicBart BakerRucka Rucka AliR.L StineMrCreepypastaDong NguyenPeter VesterbackaCole PhelpsDipper PinesIceKingFan400Jared STheZSHRED4411marioluigiWoody01legofanERBOTimemrbiggyfulVincent OtakeToonPrinceKyle JERB10Jordan ChappleEbrahim AhmedDiogoSuperThingsOnCupsJack FrostArthur ClausMr. LawrenceSeth MacFarlenePlanktonPeter Griffin
Season 2 TBA
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