Woody (Born March 25, 2002) (13 years old), used to make Epic Rap Battles of Awesomeness, and Woody Rap Battles

Roles Edit

  • Woody

Lyrics (in IceKingFan400 vs Jared S)Edit

The name is nothingonmydesk, blasting out from IMovie

My rap battles are much better than yours, 4411MarioLuigi

My skit videos are amazing, so you better get out, yo

While IceKingFan, you don’t even know how to rap , you can’t compete with my flow!

I went to Australian conventions, you went to Eating Cake class

I have friends from my school in my rap battles, so don’t hate my ass

Step up to me I dare you, there will be nothing left

You all just got OWNED yo, by NOTHING ON MY DESK 


He has also appeared in Matthew's other series, Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons where he was Dot, Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta where he was Subject #5


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