Zander Peers battled IceKingFan400, Jared S., Mr.Maplesyrup, PrimevalDK, Michael and KennethH5 in IceKingFan400 vs Jared S: The Squeakquel. He played himself.

Information on the RapperEdit

Zander Peers (Born April, 2004) is a YouTuber known as TheBlueBoy17. Grant Tache has known Zander since 2013. On September, 2013 he changed his Google+ name to Justin Bieber by accident. He wants to change it back to Zander but Google+ won't allow him too do to the fact that he recently changed his name. On June 7, 2013, Peers created a second channel called the THEBLUEBOY17 but hasn't been using it lately. Peers lives in Maryland.

Roles Edit


Zander Peers

Scrapped Roles Edit

Lammy (video)

Lyrics when he rapped as himselfEdit

It’s The Ruiner of Jokes here, coming in to ruin all six of yo[u!

Michael, you’re a B Word yourself, go back to eating pizza, dude!

Kenneth, why are you even here? You’re a momma’s boy, so just stick to that title!

As for you Liam, why look for attention, you’re nowhere near being vital!

I’ll take down all of you mess-ups, you’re anything but men!

Oh come on, not this guy. Does he really have to put me down again?

Comment at end of battle Edit

Kenneth, stop jerking off with your Legos and go back to your brother Anthony!

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